Meet the Teacher

I’m a Canadian girl at heart!  I was born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.  I moved to Idaho to go to University, and am now in Arizona teaching 2nd grade.  My family all still lived in Canada, and I try to make it home to visit as often as I can.

 2.  (More like 1 ½)
I LOVE my family more than anything.  Sometimes I wonder why I live so far away from them, but thank goodness for facetime!  This summer we were all able to get together and spend some time camping in the mountains.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  I’m already counting the days until Christmas when I get to go back up and visit.  (Not looking forward to the snow and cold…  I've definitely adapted quickly to the warmth of Arizona!)

I still remember the first Zumba class I went to.  It was AWFUL!  I wanted to walk out so bad, but my friend didn't want to waste the $5 we spent on the class.  But it turns out, I just went to the wrong instructors!  I am now obsessed with it!  I try and go as often as I can.  I also bought the DVDs so I can dance awkwardly away in the privacy of my own home.  :)  One day I would LOVE to become a Zumba Instructor and teach a class to kiddos and adults!

I was adopted as a baby.  My birth mother was only 15 and since my mom badly wanted a girl after three boys, my parents adopted me!

From the time I was five years old, I wanted to be a teacher and would play school on a big chalkboard in my basement. But even before then, I would tell my mom all kinds of stories and she would “publish” them for me. I love teaching, but being a children’s author is my dream job.  I have always loved writing poems and stories. For a few classes in college, I wrote books for the final project. I have one ready to be published right now!  Just need to get it submitted.

I started choir when I was four and continued until I graduated high school. At times I wanted to quit, but my mom wouldn't let me. I am glad she didn't, and I really miss it.  But I am so excited to be directing the Mesa Children’s Choir this year!  I’m scared spitless, but excited for the new challenge!
(If any locals are interested, it is for children 8-12 years of age.  Contact me if you are interested in joining!)

I played Rugby in high school!  (I was much better than "Red Ross"!)
I loved it and wish I would've played more sports sooner!

I’m an adult who loves macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs.

My biggest talent (according to my BFF, Brittany) is that I can bust out into song at any given moment with a single word prompt.  Impressive, I know…  Ha!

I am very OCD in my classroom. I am trying really hard to let things go, but I will literally take down all the pictures and re-hang them if they don’t look right. I've even used a ruler to measure and plan ahead where to put things. When I hung up our frog life cycle scene, there was about an inch of the cork board showing. The old me would've taken it all down and started over. The new me left it up! Granted it drove me nuts everyday... baby steps, people... :)

That's ME in 2nd Grade!!  I'm dying!  
And so the awkward phase begins...  I wonder when it will end???


The Matthews Family said...

Love it!

JRoberts said...

I still remember the first Sunday your parents brought you to church...

Sometimes I feel so old. ;)