December Currently & Elf in the Classroom

It is DECEMBER!!!  I can't believe it!  It came so quickly and I am SO excited!  :)

First off, I am linking up with Farley for December Currently.

Going to The Forgotten Carols is my FAVORITE Christmas tradition and I am DEVASTATED I can't go this year!  They perform in Mesa after I fly back to Canada for Christmas.  SO SAD!  If you haven't seen them before, check them out this year!  

Next up!
I am BEYOND excited to start Elf in the Classroom tomorrow!  

Our little elf will arrive secretly at our door just before lunch.  
He will be wrapped, addressed to our classroom, and cold (straight from the north pole, of course!).  

Here is my outline of how our Elf's mischief just might go down.  
I put four extra ideas, just in case we change our minds.  :) 
Subject to change, as I see some cuter, better activities!

For more ideas, check out my Elf in the Classroom Pinterest Board.

I love the idea of an Elf in the Classroom journal, but I don't have time for daily journal entries.  
So, I decided to make a weekly reflection page for my class to do.  

I wanted to have the Elf leave a note each night, so I quickly made up most of them.  :)

Click here to get my Elf in the Classroom kit!

Last, but not least!

My store will be on sale tomorrow and Tuesday!  

It's not too late to start the Handprint Calendars!  


Unknown said...

Love your elf reflection sheet! Genius!

Hardcore Teacher Resources

Unknown said...

I need to get my elf out tomorrow too! totally using your calendar!!


Rachelle said...

Love the organization you got going on with your Elf. :)

Everyone Deserves to Learn said...

I think that Elf Calendar is so smart! I have never heard of forgotten carols- I want to check that out!

Everyone deServes to Learn

C said...

I like the idea of using an Elf on the Shelf in the classroom... I guess I'm just afraid I'd forget to move him! :)

I think I found your blog through Farley's link-up, and I just have to say: you have the CUTEST blog ever! I can't wait to read more. Did you do all the design yourself? If so, I'm REALLY impressed!! :) I wish I had some digital design skillz like this. :)

~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

Janae said...

Thanks, Mrs. K!

I wish I could take credit for the design! I worked with Audrey @
She's awesome! :)