All you need is LOVE

Valentine's Day is, hands down, my favorite holiday to celebrate at school!  I love all the hearts, flowers, chocolates, and colors.  And I LOVE all the LOVE!  It's such a positive holiday!
This week we practice writing a written response using evidence from the text to support our answers.  I gave them a nonfiction piece on Valentine's Day.  They had to decide if they did or did not like to celebrate Valentine's Day.  It turned out to be an awesome writing activity.  They did a phenomenal job following the outline, and supporting their opinions. 
Download the FREE writing template (with a few more line options) here
Next week will be FILLED with Valentine's fun!  To prepare, I made two fun activities.  We've been learning a lot about Graphs and Prefixes/Suffixes, so I wanted to review those while still having a bit of fun.  :)
This packet s full of activities to practice graphing with conversation hearts.  It also includes some no prep, Valentine's themed graphing activities.  This packet covers tally charts, picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots.  Students practice making and analyzing each type.
 This little packet includes posters to explain prefix, suffix, root or base word, and a variety of prefixes/suffixes.  I also included a scoot to review it all. 
Enjoy!  :)

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