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I just completed Week 3 of the TpT Seller Challenge!  

For Week 3, I created a *NEW* product for my TpT Store!
I had been working on one since November, so I was very grateful for the motivation to finish it!  

Here is my completed masterpiece!
Like I said, this was started waaaaaaaaaay back in November!  My coworker's student teacher put together a great unit for us on the American Revolution.  With her permission, I added some activities, organization, and cuteness.  I absolutely love the way it turned out.  I have never enjoyed History, but this unit was so much fun to teach.  Our students were engaged and eager to learn.  I can't wait to teach it again with this cute, new unit!  

Here's a closer look at what's included in this unit.

This unit has been designed to teach the American Revolution in a fun and engaging way. I have included plenty of hands-on activities mixed with a variety of literature. Your students are sure to love learning about the Road to Revolution!

Included in this unit is:
-recommended literature
-essential questions
-KWL chart
-Vocabulary booklets and cards
-Instructions, resources, and activities for: The Thirteen Colonies, George Washington/King George III, Loyalists/Patriots, The Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Ride, The Declaration of Independence.
-Timelines for students to create
-End of unit assessment
-Six writing prompts (2 informative, 2 narrative, 2 opinion)

This unit is on sale for the rest of the day!
Click here to check it out!  

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Teaching in the Heart of Florida said...

Love your masterpiece! Wish I was teaching this content, so I could buy it!
Teaching in the Heart of Florida