Viva Las Vegas!

I cannot believe that the TpT Vegas Conference is over!  Since I didn't go to the conference last year, I feel like I've been preparing to go since then, only to have it fly by in just three short days!  To say the conference was amazing would be an understatement.  I can't put into words the incredible experience it was.  There is just something so special about over one thousand teachers coming together to be inspired and uplifted.  I met so many incredible people and learned so much valuable information.  I hope I can remember this feeling until next year!

Such a BEAUTIFUL hotel!

This was my favorite meet up!  
Ashlyn and Lindsey put on a wonderful party!
It was so much fun to flamingle with such fabulous teachers.  
I even won a gift certificate to Thirty One Bags, and two TpT Stores!  

This meet up was AMAZING!  
The ladies of Blog Hoppin' sure know how to put on a fabulous party!
Over one thousand teacher/bloggers all together in one room!  
Talk about a good time!
{Yet, slightly overwhelming...}  

I LOVED each one of the sessions I attended.  
So much valuable information was given by so many inspiring teachers!

We stopped by the GoNoodle Cabana Party and I won a t-shirt!  
I also got to meet Freckles Sinclair himself!  

Happy Hour was a fun way to end the conference.  
One final good-bye to old and new friends.  

So much delicious food was enjoyed!  

My main takeaways from the conference.  
I learned way more than I can fit on one slide, but these were my favorite.

I can't wait to read everyone else's blog posts all about Vegas!  
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The Kinder Garden said...

Love it Janae! It was so fun hanging out with you all week!!

Annie Brown said...

Love your collages, Janae. The take away posters at the end are just right! Hope you got some zzzzzzzzs after finishing this. (My link is wrong, so I linked!)

The Red Brick Road Teacher

Jennifer said...

I love the photos!! I also love your take aways. I definitely agree that TpT empowers teachers to teach at their best!

Jennuine Teaching

Hedgehog Reader said...

What a wonderful conference!
Thank you for sharing all of these fun photos -
Love love love our little group of AZ bloggy friends!!! You are such a dear!
xo Pam
Hedgehog Reader

Andrea said...

You're takeaways are perfect! I loved the conference, too. I came back feeling so inspired!

Right Down the Middle with Andrea

Susan Efseaff said...

I loved your takeaways! It was such a great conference!

Lynn (CampingTeacher) said...

Great photos and great take aways at the end!

Teaching Ideas For Those Who Love Teaching said...

I love your slides of pictures! I had such a great time in Vegas and I cannot wait until next year!