I have been so excited to make these activities ever since I saw it posted on Mrs. Cooley's blog. She used water bottle lids for hers. My mom, wonderful person that she is, brought me hundreds of little lids from the lab she works at. They are the perfect size! I used labels from Walmart – the garage sale circle kind – and small letter/number stickers from Michaels. I’m going to use a cricket to finish the rest of the number ones, since they are pretty limited on those sticker sheets. I think they are so so cute, and will make perfect workshop activities!

Ideas to use these lids for:
-ABC order with words/the children's names

-Patterning (use different colored stickers and have children create certain patterns - AB, ABB, ABC)

-Alphabet match up

-Alphabet caterpillar (put the letters in order)

-Counting caterpillar (put numbers in order, 1-10, even, odd, 5's, 10's)

She also brought me these little containers to store them in. Perfect fit!

I'm going to put a paper like this with each one.

After they make the caterpillar, they can write the numbers/letters/words on and decorate him! This will help hold them accountable during workshop.


Sarah Cooley said...

Janae--I'm loving your blog! Can you tell me how you got your cute header?? I really love my background, but I wanted a cute custom header, and I LOVE yours!!!

Sneaker Teacher said...

I am your newest follower! I taught first grade for three years and am moving to Kindergarten this year. Your alphabet ideas are super cute! I LOVE the zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket chant a few posts down! Definitely going to use that!!!


Gladys said...

I love your blog! I am also a 1st grade teacher and plan to use some of your ideas in my classroom this school year! Thanks for sharing!♥


Anonymous said...

Hi Janae,
Just discovered your blog! Where in Alberta are you from? I am a teacher in Edmonton and have been for 25 years! I have taught K-4 and will be teaching grade 3 this year.

Janae said...

Thanks everyone! I’m excited to join the team of teachers who blog!

Lynn- I am from Medicine Hat. I’m hoping to get a job and move back to Calgary eventually. We’ll see!