Red, White, and Blue

To go along with 9/11 and Constitution Day we read Debbie Clement's book, Red, White, and Blue.  It has a cute song that goes along with it and my class LOVED it!  We even got to sing it for the principal on Friday!  He loved it, too.  :)  

So here we are, for your listening pleasure.  
(Make sure to turn off the music playing on the right, so you can hear our sweet voices!)  

Parents, if you are concerned that your child is on YouTube for all the world to see, don't be.  :)  I always list the videos in a way that people can only see it through this blog.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about it.  

I didn't find out about Debbie's cute book/song until the night before I wanted to use it.  But, Debbie being the wonderful woman she is, helped me get the song that night!  Thanks again, Debbie!  :)  

{If you would like to order her book/song, she is having a promotion through the end of September.  Go here, enter the PROMO Code RWB911 and receive a 20% discount!}

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RainbowsWithinReach said...

Ms. Van Orman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LUV being 'live' inside of your classroom. Thanks so much for filming your students. I am so appreciative of their enthusiasm in singing my song & their sign language energy to support the text.

Wouldn't it be AMAZING for me to come in person to your classroom? I'll put that at the top of my wish-list. I'm willing & you would be my first visit to that part of our amazing country. Let's make it happen!!!!

Debbie Clement