It's the little things....

How much do you love my new blog design??????  

I am so over-the-moon happy with how it all turned out!

I've been wanting a custom blog design for a while now, and have been perusing different designers.  I wanted mine to be updated, functional, unique, cute, and match my personality.  

As I was searching, I came across:

I loved what she had done for my friend, Ashley's blog

And as I checked out the rest of her portfolio, I knew she was the one for me!

She was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. to work with!  She always responded quickly to my non-stop, ridiculous-at-times-questions.  She did everything I wanted and more!  

Oh, and the BEST part is...  she's super affordable!  :)

My favorite little details are:
-the yellow circle that appears when you hover over the navigation bar
-how my social media links are all together, and fill in with color when you hover over them
-the fonts!
-the custom Strickland Gillian quote
-the swirly post divider
-my custom signature
-my new button!

The Sharpened Pencil

Go check her out!
And let me know what you think of my new blog!  :) 


Michelle Watkins said...

i love it!!!

Natalie Kay said...

Cute new blog! Your love new design!

Whitney said...

GASP! I LOVE IT!!! All of those things you listed are MY favorite things too! :) I especially love the social media buttons and how they fill in with color when you hover. Super cool.