Thanksgiving Fun!

We had the BEST TIME this week learning all about Thanksgiving!  I discovered this AMAZING Thanksgiving Unit by Stephanie from Falling Into First.  It is FULL of information, nonfiction text, comprehension questions, and fun activities!  We didn't get to finish it all this week, so we will do some quick catching up on Monday.  :)  

Here's a few pictures of some of our activities.  

We made suitcases and wrote about what we would bring with us aboard the Mayflower. 


We wrote all the problems the Pilgrims had on their journey, and posted them on Plymouth Rock. 

Then we wrote a solution to some of their problems. 
*She may have mixed up Massachusetts and England*  

We read all about Squanto and made "Squanto's Snack"!

It was a blast!  I already can't wait for next year to do it again.  :)

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